Do they need to be refrigerated?

Power bites do not need to be refrigerated. We recommend you store them in a cool, dry place.

How long do they last?

The shelf life of our bites is 6 months from the date they are made. Find the exact Best By date printed on the side of your power bite package.

Where does the energy come from?

Almonds are packed with Vitamin E and Magnesium. Ounce for ounce these are some of the most nutrient-rich nuts. They are packed full of Vitamin E and Magnesium and contain lots of protein to help you sustain energy throughout the day.

Raw cacao powder actually triggers the release of these same endorphins, which can give you mental energy and enhance your mood. Energy From Blood To Brain To Body. With the abilities raw cacao has in the cardiovascular department, it can help increase your energy levels by improving the blood flow to your brain.

Why vegan?

We wanted to offer an alternative to the products on the market that are filled with dairy or animal products. Vegan may not be your lifestyle choice but we know you will enjoy these vegan bites.

What is a Power Bite?

A nutritious and delicious vegan, organic, gluten free dark chocolate snack. Packed with antioxidant rich cacao and almond butter. Power bites are the perfect bite for all your cravings.